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O-M-A-N Communication Framework for Effective Negotiations

August 20, 2023

Episode Description

In this episode, Dr Ferghal Armstrong and Dr Laura Petracek as they delve into the transformative O-M-A-N (Observation, Measuring, Asserting, and Not) framework for negotiating with friends, partners, colleagues, and others. In this enlightening discussion, Dr Armstrong emphasises the power of observation and creating healthy boundaries without jeopardising relationships.

Discover how being a disinterested observer and practicing mindfulness can keep emotions in check during negotiations. Explore practical techniques like body scans and taking timeouts to defuse potential conflicts and facilitate open dialogue. Say goodbye to unnecessary apologies and discover the linguistic alternative, “ology,” to express disagreement respectfully.

Gain valuable insights into the importance of ego detachment and anacostics for problem resolution. Discover how removing ego-driven dynamics leads to more harmonious relationships and a more fulfilling life. Don’t miss out on this invaluable wisdom and effective negotiating techniques for building stronger connections with those around you.

Cracking Addiction 104 offers listeners invaluable insights into the art of setting boundaries, observing patterns, and understanding the role of ego in relationships. By recognizing the importance of self-reflection, assertiveness, and the impact of excessive apologizing, we can navigate conflicts with grace, preserve the dynamics of our relationships, and prioritize our well-being. Remember, true growth and freedom lie in finding a balance between asserting oneself and maintaining strong, respectful connections with others.

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