General Drug Slang

  • Heavy Drug Users: People that use drugs heavily are called: Addicts, Junkies, Zombies, Druggies, Pill Poppers, Fiend and Burnouts.
  • People Who Sell Illicit Drugs: A drug dealer may be referred to as a Pusher, Trapper, Slinger, Dope, Supplier, Man, Peddler, Candyman, Dealer, Bagman Connection, or Source
Opioids Description Slang Names
  • Semi-synthetic opioid made from morphine.
  • Comes in in a white or brown powder or as a dark compact substance.
  • Users experience powerful bursts of euphoria, feelings of relaxation and numbness throughout the body.
  • Heroin users are called: Junkies, Dopeheads, Dope, Fiends, and dopers.
  • Slang Terms for Using Heroin Include: Chasing the Dragon, Shooting Up, Do Up, and Give Wings.
  • Amounts of heroin include 8-Ball, Bundle, Henry, Nine Bar, Gate, and a Jab.
Stimulants Description Slang Names
Cocaine and Crack
  • Cocaine is extracted from the coca leaf and refined into a white powder
  • Cocaine can be snorted, eaten, or freebase when made into crack cocaine.
  • Users of cocaine become overly alert, hyperactive, and have an increased desire to socialize
  • Cocaine raises blood pressure, increases body temperature, and constricts the blood vessels.
  • People who use cocaine are: Base Heads, Crack Heads, Chasers and Tweekers.
  • Children born from mothers who are addicted to crack are called “Crack Babies”
  • Crack houses are places where crack is consumed or sold.
  • Amounts of cocaine may include: Eight balls, 20’s, 50’s, Rocks, and Biscuits.


  • A stimulant that is consumed as a powder, liquid or smoked in crystalline form.
  • Effects last as long as 12 hours.
  • Users experience hyper alertness, restlessness, paranoia, talkativeness and even aggressiveness towards others.
  • Slang Terms for meth use include Chicken Flipping, Hot Rolling, Tweaking, Getting Spun Out or Zooming
  • Meth users are called: Geeks, Meth Heads, Speed Freaks and Tweakers

MDMA and Ecstasy

  • A synthetic drug that shares traits with both stimulants and halicinogens.
  • Increases Dopamine, Serotonin and Norepinephrine
  • Comes as a pill, tablet, or powder
  • Causes a wide variety of effects including euphoria, increased energy levels, sociability, rise in heart rate and increased mood.

Slang terms for using MDMA and Ecstasy include: Thizzing, Rolling, Flipping, or Raving.

  • Those who take too much ecstasy are often referred to as E-Tards. This relates to the cognitive decline that stems from hard ecstasy use.
Hallucinogens Description Slang Names

LSD is a synthetic drug that causes significant changes to visual and auditory perception as well as changes in mood and thought

  • LSD is a clear odorless, tasteless liquid that can be dropped on a piece of paper or “Tab”, sugar cubes or directly onto the tongue.
  • The effects of LSD occur 4-6 hours after the last dose
  • After taking LSD people may experience anxiety or depression and persisting hallucinations.

Terms for using acid include Dropping, Frying, and Tripping, Tripping Out or Tripping Balls.

  • Depending on the experience LSD highs can result in either a “Good Trip” or a “Bad Trip”

LSD takes different names when combined with other drugs such as:

  • Candy Flipping (LSD; MDMA)
  • Jedi Flipping (LSD; Magic Mushrooms; MDMA)
  • Black Acid (LSD; PCP)


PCP is an anesthetic dissociative that causes hallucinations and feelings of invincibility and detachment.

  • PCP comes in powder, capsules, crystals, tablets, and liquids.
  • It can be swallowed, snorted, injected, or smoked.

PCP takes different names when combined with other drugs such as:

Black Acid (PCP; LSD)
Zoom, Wet and Dipper (Marijuana, PCP)
Whack (PCP; Cocaine)
Alien Sex Friend (PCP; Heroin)


The main component of Marijuana THC is found on the Buds of certain varieties of the cannabis plant.

  • Marijuana can be smoked, vaporized eaten, and swallowed
  • Marijuana is often concentrated into strong forms called concentrates which can be exaggerate the psychoactive effects.
  • Food that contains THC are called edibles
  • Concentrated marijuana is called “Wax”, “Shatter”, “Crumble” or “Hash”
  • Smoking Weed is referred to as: Blazing, Cheeching, Lighting Up; Getting Stoned, faded, Baked, or Lit
  • People that regularly smoke marijuana are called: Pot Heads, Stoners, and Tokers
  • Marijuana rolled into paper is called a “Joint”, “Doobie”, “Jay” or “Fatty”; when rolled into tobacco it is called a “Blunt”. When rolled with tobacco it is called a “Spliff”.
  • Marijuana may be smoked through a pipe called a “Bong” or “Piece”, or "Percolator”
  • It can also be vaporized and “Dabbed” through a glass pipe called a “Dab Rig.”
Depressants Description Slang Names

Alcohol is a fermented beverage that comes in many forms such as Beer, Malt Liquor, Wine, Champagne, and Spirits.

Alcohol depresses the nervous system inhibiting motor control and judgement.

  • People with an alcohol problem are called; Barflys, Alchies, Boozers, Drunks, Drunkards, Guzzlers, Bibbers, Lushes and Boozehounds.
  • Terms for intoxication include: sloshed, Juiced, Loaded, drunk, Buzzed, Zonked, Bombed, Plastered, Wrecked, F***’d Up, Howling Drunk, Hammered, Annihilated, Blitzed, Sh*t Faced, Wasted, Blind Drunk and Trashed.
  • Portions of alcohol include: Shots, Pints, Tall Boy, Growlers, nips and flights, 4x4’s, Sick Packs, Sixer, Brewski, and 40.

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