Drunk Driving

Each year, millions of drivers report that they have driven a vehicle while drunk. Drunk driving is extremely dangerous, life threatening and illegal. It can impact our communities and society and continues to be a problem each year.

Understanding Drunk Driving

Drunk driving occurs when an individual has had more than .08% of alcohol, this percentage being the legal limit to drive in all states. In certain states, this percentage may be lower for certain individuals, such as a big rig driver or an uber. This is because they are operating large, heavy machinery or driving others around for work and should be avoiding alcohol consumption during these times.

Driving drunk is not only illegal, but extremely dangerous. A third of all fatal car crashes involve intoxication according to Psycom. Vehicles have the power to kill, and car accidents can lead to death. When driving drunk, you put yourself at risk for casing harm to others and yourself. It is also very possible that you will get pulled over, jailed, and lose your license.

Drunk Driving Statistics

  • Every day, almost 30 people die in a drunk driving involved accident
  • Four out of five people who drunk drive are men
  • 85% of binge drinkers have drive drunk
  • 112 million people reported drinking and driving in 2010
  • Although drunk driving has gone down 30% it remains a problem with 11,000 deaths in 2009
  • Your first-time offense for drunk driving can cost up to $10,000 in legal fees
  • Drunk driving is preventable

Consequences Of Driving Drunk

Deciding to drive after heavily drinking is irresponsible, life threatening, and can lead you to legal troubles. By making the choice to drunk drive, you put yourself at higher risk for getting pulled over by authorities and getting a DUI.

The possible offenses for driving drunk may look different in different states. A DUI is commonly used in California and is short for driving under the influence. A DWI is short for driving while intoxicated, and a OUI is short for operating under the influence. 

A DUI is an offense under state law where you will be arrested, jailed, fined, and be required to take and complete driving classes before obtaining a license again. According to Alcohol Awareness, almost 1.5 million arrests are those of drunk drivers.

Drunk Driving Dangers

When you drive drunk, you are not only putting yourself at risk for bodily injury or death, but you are also affecting those possibly in your vehicle, and those around you whether that be pedestrians or other vehicles on the road.
If you chose to go out drinking, consume too much but maybe think you are fine enough to drive, so you decide to drive yourself and your friend’s home. During this drive, you drive through a stop sign and hit and kill a pregnant mother, or a bicyclist, or a child crossing the street. If you survive, you will send to prison for illegally driving under the influence.

Treatment for Drunk Driving and Addiction

Driving while intoxicated means there are underlying problems and possibly, substance use disorders. It’s important to seek treatment for alcohol or drug abuse, and treatment is where you will treat your underlying problems and learn healthy ways to cope.

Trauma and mental health should be addressed in drunk driving situations. People who drive drunk may be suicidal or extremely depressed and are using alcohol to cope with their problems.
Seeking treatment can be a turn off too many, or they may be scared to change. Change is healthy, and with these changes comes with a longer life, healthy support systems, and you living a comfortable and enjoyable life again in society.

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