About Y & Y Recovery

Y & Y Recovery’s approach is to identify and stabilize traumas and co-occurring disorders by teaching a person to be their own expert with coping skills and living skills so that as ongoing treatment occurs outside of Y & Y Recovery, the individual can utilize these skills to maintain stabilization and begin the process of deep trauma and/or deep co-occurring disorder therapy.

Treatment is a mixture of complex and delicate processes, which Y & Y Recovery navigates by delivering a menu of individualized options to meet each patient’s needs. In concert with evidence-based practices, each individual collaborating with their therapist will work to create a recovery program that incorporates a respectful approach to new ideas and serves the individual through motivation. Group therapy, including Harm Reduction Techniques, Codependency, DBT Skills and Techniques, CBT Skills and Techniques, and Grief and Loss, helps patients focus on specific issues in a positive and supportive environment.

  • Detox
  • Residential Treatment


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