About Wish Recovery

Our recovery center at 9460 Wish Ave, Northridge, CA, is in a quiet, isolated neighbourhood that makes it feel like a resort. The peace of our building will make your road to recovery fun and easy. As soon as you walk through our doors and see our luxurious, high-ceilinged building, you’ll know that Wish Recovery is unlike any other place. 

At Wish Recovery, we take care of the little things so that our residents don’t miss anything, like the olive trees that are sure to be in each of our beautiful luxury suites. This isn’t just for looks; the olive tree has been a sign of peace, wisdom, victory, health, and many other good things for a long time.

When you decide to go through medical detox at our private residential rehab center, trained medical professionals will be an important part of your recovery. After a morning detox, you can go back to your private room with high ceilings and relax to make sure your body gets back to its best health.

People who are struggling with addiction can get their lives back on track with the help of our high-end recovery center. Through thorough care and treatment, luxury detox and rehab can give people the tools they need to beat addiction and live a sober, happy life.

Wish Recovery provides several services to help people with substance use disorders get better. Some of the services may include one-on-one and group therapy, medical detox, and treatment with the help of drugs. Also, our recovery center has amenities and activities, such as gourmet meals and fun things to do, that make the healing process more comfortable and enjoyable.


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