About WinGate Wilderness Therapy

At WinGate, we provide an Actual Wilderness Experience (A.W.E.), in which the natural environment is utilized as an integral part of the healing process. The wilderness inherently presents challenging situations and forces each student to discover their own abilities and strengths in order to overcome them. Immersed in the beautiful wilderness of Southern Utah, your child will be exposed to a “way of being” that is deeply personal. They will learn valuable communication and relationship skills and be taught to identify and overcome the mal-adaptive coping behaviors that have been holding them back.

Away from the negative influences and distractions that often disrupt their world, our students are free to engage in a process of personal healing that offers introspection and clarity in a way few other systems can. Supported by professional clinicians and caring field staff, your child will receive a personalized treatment plan as part of the best therapeutic experience available.

  • Outdoor behavioral therapy


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