About White House Recovery & Detox

We think that a person is more than what they did in the past or what their diagnosis is. No one should have to get better on their own. Our team is here to teach you useful life skills and give you the therapy and resources you need to keep your recovery on track and be successful in the long run.

We offer services that can help you feel better mentally, physically, and spiritually. We take it one day at a time and trust that God will lead us to a better day. We use a combination of tough love and a family-like atmosphere to help you get past the things that might be stopping you from getting sober.

Our goal is to help people in recovery by giving them kind care. Our staff knows how to get over different kinds of addiction because they have done it themselves. We are here to help and support everyone, no matter how they live or what their past is like. White House Recovery and Detox is a place where people can get a fresh start.

At our treatment center, we can help people find answers and move forward. In the quiet countryside of Los Angeles, we’ve made a place where you can focus on healing. All of our rehab programs are based on treatments that have been shown to work and on personalized therapies for people who might not have found what they needed at other rehab centers.


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