About Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center

Viewpoint Dual Recovery is an expert on the most debilitating mental health issues and the substance use disorders that frequently accompany them. We’re here to help you through the recovery process, which takes time.

Adults with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, and other psychiatric disorders can rely on the integrated treatment provided by the staff at Viewpoint Dual Recovery. To properly assess, diagnose, and treat dual-diagnosis clients, clinicians require more than the standard 30-day evaluation period.

The Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center has assisted innumerable individuals in overcoming trauma, developing coping skills, managing their medications, and establishing social connections. Our therapists specialize in providing long-term mental health care to individuals whose psychological issues have impeded their autonomy. Our committed staff offers a comprehensive range of treatment options, from equine therapy to life skills training.

Because we recognize that substance abuse and mental health issues are inextricably linked, we treat both as primary.

Without sustained attention to a client’s mental health, addiction treatment at Viewpoint Dual Recovery Center is much more likely to fail. Our team is not only committed to assisting our clients during the initial stages of their recovery. 

We also provide our clients with the tools necessary for long-term mental and physical health. We provide dual diagnosis treatment in Arizona to assist you or a loved one who is battling a mental illness or addiction.

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