About U-Turn for Christ Kaua’i

U-Turn For Christ is different from a typical alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. Our main goal is to help a person restore fellowship with the One who created them – which ultimately leads to their sobriety. U-Turn For Christ is a ministry of restoration, not a rehab. If there isn’t repentance of sin, that same person will become “addicted” to other things, such as smoking cigarettes, eating disorders, gambling, etc.

8-month program commitment consists 2 phases, but all months are mandatory. A full commitment to the 8 months is required as we have found that a true U-Turn happens during this time. The big difference that U-Turn for Christ provides is that the men are put in real life situations through working and participating in the community. When stresses, frustrations and the desire to escape occurs, the men are taught how to deal with these strong emotions through relying on God and His strength instead of using drugs and alcohol to anesthetize themselves.

  • Residential Treatment


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