About TRC Luxury Rehab

We are a high-end residential addiction treatment center in Tarzana, California, which is near Los Angeles. Our Inpatient Rehab is made to help people get healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. We help people who are addicted to drugs and have a dual diagnosis. We think that recovery should be done in a balanced and active way.

We have a lot of professional clinicians on staff, so you can always get one-on-one help when you need it. A personal chef makes tasty, healthy meals every day. Medical staff is always there, 24 x 7, to make sure you can detox in peace and comfort.

One of the places in the world with the most treatment centers in Southern California. We started out looking for a good place for a loved one, just like everyone else. The number of people was huge. Everyone had the same things to offer, but the rates of relapse were very high. Wasn’t there a better way? After doing research for years, we decided to open a place that was different from the usual 12-step facilities.

We made our program in new way and included everyone. The 12-step programs don’t work on their own. It takes a village to do something like raise a family. We have made a community that loves and helps each other. We have everything from acupuncture and massage to yoga and breathwork.

We have Intensive Individual and Group Therapy options with some of the best clinicians in Southern California. We also have Equine Therapy. Meetings and support groups are still used, but they are done in addition to our program. We make a treatment plan for each client that fits their wants and needs.


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