The Brook Retreat

The brook retreat for men and women offers a comprehensive twelve-step immersion experience in a safe and structured setting. The house is designed to foster spiritual growth, teach life skills, support independence, and help each guest recreate their life. Our program is located in the tranquil town of Massachusetts. It offers the perfect escape from distractions while you work through the intensive first phase of the program.

Once a guest has worked through steps 1-7, they will find that employment and all other needs are found a quick drive away. Reintegrating back into school, work, or volunteering is required of all guests at the program once they have completed phase one. As a guest you will be immersed in the process through one-on-one meetings as well as mandatory group meetings six nights per week. So often we see guests required to work their way through the process with an outside sponsor. Our goal is simple, change the person who came in.

  • Residential Treatment
  • Sober Living Home


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