About St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

To promote lasting recovery, our clinical approach combines profound behavioral change with an understanding of the spiritual nature of lasting recovery, and a deep appreciation for the inherent dignity and worth of all who come to us for care. St. Joseph’s provides a full continuum of care with locations in five New York State counties. Our services include Inpatient residential care, Veterans residential care, our Family Program, Outpatient treatment, Open Access Center services, Adolescent residential treatment, and Aftercare support to best promote sustained recovery.

St. Joe’s evidence-based practices focus on addiction, and addiction with co-occurring disorders, treatment and offer several approaches to recovery including, but which are not limited to, Medication Assisted Treatment, and self-help programming. We also practice a strong heritage of helping residents explore spirituality as one of the core areas of recovery. To address the variety of needs presented by our residents, we also offer specialty groups to include Anger-Management, GED classes, Yoga, Mindful Based Relapse Prevention, and women-specific programming and lectures.

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