About Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community

While we strongly believe in the power of healing through work, we recognize that our residents do need robust clinical support in order to process and progress through the complex struggles that accompany mental health and substance abuse. Each resident receives wrap-around support through individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatry, medication management, case-management, and substance-abuse programming, as well as mentorship from non-clinical staff as part of our team model.

Beyond the therapeutic value that a resident experiences through work and clinical programming, simple involvement in community here at Spring Lake Ranch provides its own form of healing. Our residents, often for the first time, find themselves establishing real connections to those around them and form skills to develop community in their lives beyond the Ranch. Residents have a chance to gain greater responsibility and accountability in an environment where risks can be managed appropriately, and they become active participants in their own recovery.

  • Residential Treatment
  • Aftercare


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