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The Recovery Unplugged treatment center provides treatments for substance and alcohol dependence using evidence-based methods and the mellow sounds of music from multiple genres. This method has been proven to be successful and is widely accepted by a variety of regulatory bodies as well as traditional medical organizations. RU uses innovative treatment methods and offers a range of care, including medical detox, online treatment, inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, hospitalization with partial medicine-assisted treatment, and treatment with music. The journey to recovery is different for each person. This is the reason why the facility can tailor its approach to each of the programs. No matter the treatment phase, our Austin detoxification and alcohol treatment and rehab center provides the latest services specifically tailored to you or your loved ones. We’re here to assist if you require an intervention to bring the person you love to seek treatment or compassionate and professional withdrawal management with experienced nurses and doctors.

Recovery Unplugged’s mission is to help those struggling with addiction disorders to be free of the chains of addiction and gain the strength to continue on their path to recovery. No matter the addiction, whether it’s heroin, opioids or alcoholism, or other drugs, the facility can handle every type of addiction with an 85% success rate.

If you require a new path to get back to health, we’re here to provide you with this. Recovery Unplugged will help you achieve fantastic progress in your recovery, as music is the medicine we take. Our program is booming and will keep you on the road to recovery.


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