About Providence Women’s Recovery

Our beautiful suburban location in North Georgia empowers you to experience nature, security, and serenity. Our addiction recovery curriculum is designed to help you heal from your past griefs and trauma in a safe, intimate, small-group setting where you can receive individualized Christ-centered care. We are a 20-bed max residential campus where women can feel free to speak, listen, and heal from their shared pain and struggles with other women.

We are more than an addiction recovery center. We are a spiritual regeneration program, and our goal is to help women completely transform their lives. What we are offering is an opportunity many people will never have. As a part of this large organization, participants of our addiction programs enjoy special privileges and access that would not normally be available to most drug and alcohol rehabs. This includes church attendance at our own church, work therapy in our own buildings, pastoral and clinical counseling on all sorts of matters, and reduced tuition cost due to donations and thrift store sales.

  • Residential Treatment
  • Sober Living Home



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