About Project Turnabout

Since 1970, we’ve helped individuals and families in the midst of turmoil rediscover the miraculous joy of living free from addiction. Project Turnabout’s continuum of treatment and recovery services is designed to provide the right combination of services to fit the needs of each of our patients. From prevention to detox, inpatient to outpatient treatment, transitional living and our post treatment system of care.

Granite Fall’s sprawling main campus offers community-like settings for patients. Residential units of 20 patients therefore provide more intimate, home-like environments. We represent a variety of professional, medical, licensed mental health and human service disciplines.

Our programs offer individualized treatment plans tailored to meet the holistic needs of each patient – body, mind and spirit. The organization’s approach to treatment encompasses a wide range of advanced therapeutic modalities based on the individual needs of each patient. By integrating the principles of the 12-Steps, we ensure that those who receive our services will have access to a lifetime of continued and affordable support for their recovery.

  • Detox Services
  • Residential Treatment
  • Outpatient Services
  • Sober Living Home

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