About Progress Valley – Women’s Program

At Progress Valley Women’s Program, our approach is women-centered and incorporates the experience and knowledge of women in recovery. This means issues concerning relationships, self-esteem, sexuality, spirituality, and trauma are dealt with in an understanding, compassionate, and empathetic manner in a safe and nurturing community environment. Our goal is to empower each woman to make positive changes in her life. Clients receive comprehensive, intensive chemical and mental health treatment that includes one-on-one counseling, individualized treatment planning, group therapy, family programming, medication monitoring, case management, community referrals and more.

Clients also receive educational lectures, attend 12-step meetings, enjoy recreational activities and begin to adhere to a set of rules that are designed to develop routine into their lives. When clients are ready, they are expected to maintain employment, attend school or work voluntarily in the community. Following residential services, clients may be transferred to outpatient relapse prevention groups and additional services for continued support.

  • Residential Treatment
  • Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
  • Outpatient Services


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