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Detoxification and Treatment can seem scary. It is normal to experience some anxiety, nervousness, uncertainty, and even fear. At Pathways, we offer a full continuum of care and support beginning with Detoxification to help get you through the initial physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms. Residents’ physical, mental, and spiritual needs are met through our dual diagnosis clinical program, where we provide the tools and guidance needed to journey on a safe path.

The next step is Residential Treatment. In Residential Treatment, you will learn about the disease of addiction, heal the mind, body, and soul, and receive the necessary tools so you can truly live life again. During Residential Treatment, our clinical team will help you develop an aftercare plan to maintain sobriety and have support established before discharge. We are very family-oriented, for we know that addiction is a family disease and affects more than just the addict. We strongly encourage family support, participation, and education.

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