About New Spirit Recovery

New Spirit is labeled one of the most preferred drug rehab centers in California for exercising sobriety. Our multidisciplinary team assures that your choice for sobriety does not compromise your dear and significant values in life. We provide our clients with a personalized and comprehensive treatment plan to meet their individual needs, preferences, and issues. Our substance abuse counselors regulate a healthy relationship with the patient and provide them with quality time to understand their issues and concerns.

At New Spirit, our credentialed specialists will develop a holistic detox plan which includes vitamin and supplements intake, drug therapy, timely medical checks, and relapse prevention courses. Our medical expert team promises treatment and recovery to those who choose to withdraw and recover in an individualized, safe and convenient facility. We also take utmost care to ensure the client’s well-being and best interest.

  • Detox
  • Residential
  • Soberliving


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