About New Frontier Treatment Center

New Frontier is dedicated to promoting individual, family and community wellness through a variety of substance abuse and behavioral health services. We provide quality, evidence-based addiction treatment, prevention and behavioral health services to rural Nevadans. We value honest communication, integrity, respect and accountability.Our core services include several levels of residential treatment programs for adults and outpatient treatment for adult and adolescents. Clients are admitted into one of the treatment programs by referral from family members, criminal justice system, child welfare system, an employer or as a self-referral.

After an initial assessment/evaluation to determine need for treatment and the level of care recommended. clients are placed into either the outpatient or residential program. During the assessment process the therapist/clinician will recommend the number of individuals and group sessions the Client should attend in addition to tests and community self-help meetings. The residential (inpatient) programs are more involved, and fall into one of three models: the social detox model, the med-high intensity residential program and low intensity advanced recovery.


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