About LEAD Recovery Center

The LEAD Recovery Center is a personalized program that helps young adults make the change from living in unhealthy situations to living a healthy life. Our clients are given the chance to find new challenges and successes every day that improve all parts of their lives.

Our clients will get a program that is made specifically for them and their needs. Not only do we want to help people get better for good, but the LEAD program is also meant to teach independence and awareness that can be passed on to the next generation. When our clients finish this process successfully, they become mentors and leaders on their own.

At LEAD Recovery Center, each program is made for the person based on how long they need to stay and what kind of clinical services they need. We have a well-thought-out program with four steps for our members. Our phase system can take anywhere from three to twelve months, or even longer, depending on the goals and level of completion desired.

We’ve been around for more than 25 years and are a well-known and trusted local clinical program. Our specialty is helping people grow by helping them become more independent. We are known as pioneers because we were the first to offer a program that helps people move from treatment to setting and achieving long-term goals and dreams.


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