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Healing places a high priority on mental health. Students are taught to think positively and be assertive at John Volken Academy. They are instructed to think independently and not simply follow the crowd or take the easy route. They are instructed on how to analyze situations, establish priorities, and make “correct” decisions.

Our program focuses on four primary areas that provide students with these essential tools:

Considering the underlying causes of addiction:

The abuse of drugs and alcohol, as well as other destructive behaviours, are not the true cause of addiction; rather, they are a symptom of a deeper issue. To achieve permanent recovery, the root cause of addiction must be treated, not just the symptoms. 

The cause is what initially drives a person to use drugs and alcohol. An individual’s inability to be content with life as it is is almost always the result of underlying issues.

Restoring the Brain:

The impairment brought on by substance abuse manifests itself in numerous ways, including impulsive, emotional, and irrational decisions and actions. The brain continues to function during addiction, but not effectively. The brain and body require time and space away from substances to regain equilibrium.

Adopting a New Way of Life:

To maintain sobriety, the individual needs to adopt a healthier lifestyle. This requires the development of appropriate social, life, and vocational skills. In addition, it necessitates the modification of one’s attitudes, behaviours, and values.

Developing the Tools Required for Sobriety:

Turning a life around is similar to turning a large ship around; it takes time. It is unrealistic to expect a person with a history of substance abuse to learn and adopt all the tools necessary to remain sober in a matter of months.

Through group work and peer counselling, learning and education opportunities, job training, and life skills, we help students acquire the tools necessary to ultimately develop a good character.


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