About Hannah’s House by Origins

Hannah’s House provides compassionate addiction treatment designed exclusively for women, including those with co-occurring disorders and trauma. Our unique gender-specific program maintains a female team of addiction professionals on South Padre Island, TX. They work tirelessly to help each patient identify their barriers to behavioral recovery and develop coping strategies for total health and wellbeing. The multidisciplinary team at Hannah’s House uses ongoing collaboration to build comprehensive addiction treatment plans that take each woman’s strengths, challenges, and personal history into account.

We find proven clinical recovery interventions through an integrated approach that helps each woman recover her authentic self. Our women’s addiction treatment center provides care that looks at every dimension of wellbeing, taking into account every woman’s past and the reasons that she has arrived at our doorstep. Our gender-separate program exclusively for women is maintained by a talented female team who understands how the uniquely female perspective influences the recovery process.

  • Women’s Residential Treatment


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