Gospel Rescue Mission – Men’s Center

Gospel Rescue Mission helps chemically dependent men and women who are also struggling with homelessness, poverty, and unemployment by providing them with resources for addiction recovery that are offered in a residential setting at no cost.

A primary disease known as chemical dependency is when a person develops an addiction to substances like drugs or alcohol. Chemically dependent people continue to use drugs or alcohol even though they are aware that this behaviour causes harm to their bodies, families, finances, and any other aspect of their lives that they may care about.

Residents are provided with life skills counselling that is informed by the teachings of Christ and covers a wide range of topics. Some of these topics include budgeting, parenting, relationships, and conflict resolution. 

In addition to this, clients will take part in individual and group counselling, meetings to hold each other accountable, academic training, preparation for the GED, and opportunities to volunteer in the community. Additionally, assistance in the areas of medicine, dentistry, the law, and employment is offered.


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