About Gallus Detox – Houston

Gallus Detox Houston Llc is a rehab center for addicts in Sugar Land, Texas. It is a Substance Abuse Residential Rehab Facility that provides treatment for people who suffer from addiction to drugs and other addiction issues.

Our goal is to provide exceptional care in a relaxing well-appointed, and spacious environment that fulfills the individual needs of every patient we treat.

We are committed to providing individualized treatment that is of the highest standard of clinical care by our board-certified physicians. Our priority is your comfort, and we restrict our admission list to a maximum of five patients, ensuring that you receive the personal attention and loving care you need.

We have designed these programs to bring about permanent changes. We offer drug rehab in our continual treatment program, assisting patients to smoothly transition from inpatient to partial care or outpatient options based on their individual needs.

Our customized treatment plans comprise compassionate medical professionals who are board certified and provide evidence-based oral and IV medication protocols and video and cardiac monitoring 24 hours a day.

The primary purpose of all the treatment options at Gallus Detox Centre is to provide patients with the proper treatment needed to allow a full recovery. With our most efficient treatment strategies offered, patients have the best chance to live long-term, substance-free lives. Recovery is achieved by creating a customized treatment plan depending on the person’s specific addiction. Within 90 days, those who go to Gallus Detox Center are free from the addictions that have ruled their lives. After that, it’s time to receive the assistance needed to overcome the addiction to alcohol and drugs and dependence on substances.


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