About Elm Tree Recovery

Since drug addiction has destructive effects on abusers and those around them, dependable rehabilitation facilities are essential because they always have a positive effect.

Elm Tree Recovery is intended to assist drug addicts in reclaiming their lives. They provide numerous services, such as treatment and counselling. If you have a problem with drug addiction, you must choose a good rehabilitation center so that you can be helped to overcome the problem and return to your normal life.

Elm Tree Recovery is a twenty-bed intensive and comprehensive young adult drug rehab facility that addresses and treats the underlying causes of addiction in a residential setting while placing a concurrent emphasis on education.

We provide a 90-day initial inpatient rehabilitation program that addresses not only drugs and alcohol, but also dual diagnosis treatment, trauma recovery, and other compulsive behaviours.

Our licensed clinical team is committed to providing the best available treatment following SAMSHA-recognized best practices. SAMSHA is the federal agency responsible for regulating addiction treatment. This ensures not only the most effective and modern treatment methods but also acceptance by the majority of insurance providers.

Our program is designed to foster a genuine community where recovery and education converge. Our rehab center is within a few blocks of Arizona State University and several other universities and community colleges. Individuals at Elm Tree acquire the skills necessary to enter adulthood.


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