About Coleman Professional Services

The truth is, not everyone faces the same struggle. But Coleman Health Services has the breadth of programs and depth of expertise to help them all, regardless of your ability to pay. Now a nationally-recognized nonprofit, Coleman offers comprehensive behavioral health, residential, employment and supportive services to nine Ohio counties and surrounding communities.

We help people begin their recovery journey with kindness and respect. Our goal is to build trust and begin a relationship that supports and encourages people to start their new chapter with courage and support. Recovery includes counseling, case management, substance use treatments, walk-in services, psychiatry, and crisis intervention and stabilization. Our clinical services also include original Coleman programs like FIRST (treating first psychotic episodes) and FACT (life skills, employment and other training for fathers.) Our supportive services include guardianship and family care, jail liaison support, adult protective services, adult day care services and eldercare case management.

  • Residential Treatment


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