About CARE Clinic for Drug Addiction in Central Mississippi

CARE Clinic prioritizes quality care and result-oriented techniques to empower patients to heal with confidence. Mental illness and substance use disorder can present unique obstacles to those struggling. CARE Clinic understands that this journey requires both discipline and empathy towards achieving our patients goals. Our mission is to provide high quality, outcome focused drug/alcohol addiction recovery and mental health services that empower individuals to attain a lifestyle characterized by independence, personal health, and prosperity.

CARE Clinic employs many evidence-based therapies to guide you on this process. Your mental and physical well-being are both a priority. Psychotherapy is a resourceful tool for mental health conditions. Substance user disorders can be treated through a mixture of detoxification, psychotherapy, and support groups. We treat methadone patients, pregnant women, alcoholism, and benzodiazepines. No matter what kind of opioid drug you are addicted to (pain pills, morphine, heroin, etc.), we will help you.

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