About Bedrock Recovery Center

Bedrock Recovery Center (BRC) is a remodeled healthcare facility located in Canton, Massachusetts. Your recovery journey begins with inpatient medical stabilization, followed by continued monitoring during detox and withdrawal. Once stabilized, you have the option to transition into our residential program, which boasts three separate units and 120 beds. You have access to daily clinical care, a full-day group therapy curriculum, and wellness programs that help you associate recovery with fun, healthy activities.

We start with an intake process that includes a biopsychosocial assessment and comprehensive treatment planning. From there, you’re assigned a primary clinician and case manager who help transition you from detox to the next appropriate level of care, including our residential program. Our medical facility provides ongoing nursing care as you transition from detox to residential treatment. While our detox and residential units offer structured support, you can work out, relax, and socialize with our fitness center, movie theater, and outdoor patio space.

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