About Banyan Texas

At Banyan Treatment Centers Texas, our mission is to help those struggling with addiction reach their goal of sobriety through various treatments and therapies provided by our licensed clinical and medical professionals. Drug abuse and treatment go hand-in-hand, that’s why we provide safe, comfortable, and essential treatments for people battling addiction to different substances. Our unique programs at our drug addiction rehab in Texas provide patients with the highest quality care.

We believe in teaching our patients all the necessary skills they will need to overcome their addiction and maintain their sobriety in the future. With our care, patients should be able to transition to an addiction-free life successfully. At our Banyan Texas detox center, we provide a medically monitored detox program to help patients take the first step in their journey to sobriety. Withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable, but our dedicated staff of professionals create a safe and comfortable space for patients to recover. You will be guided through every step of your drug and alcohol treatments.

  • Medical Monitored Detox
  • Residential Program


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