About Annie’s House

Annie’s House is a premier and unique treatment facility. We provide all levels of care to support our clients physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs in a beautiful residential environment. We are a specialized treatment center for individuals with mental health issues and co-occurring substance abuse disorders. Annie’s House is dedicated to providing the most effective methods and modalities to treat mental health, such as PTSD, Trauma, Bipolar, Borderline, and other acute mental illness’.

When you go through Annie’s House, you are part of the Steps Recovery family. Our clients become a member of our family and are treated as such. We follow a combined 12-step and DBT program that offer support for you and your whole family. We help you and your loved one to understand why and how addiction takes place so they can help you on your sobriety journey after you leave our facilities. Our Utah-based drug rehab and mental health facility offers services at a reasonable cost.

  • Detox
  • Residential Treatment


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