About All American Detox

We are a drug rehab center in Woodland Hills & Los Angeles, California. We help you or your loved one to recover from substance abuse safely and steadily. Our services and caregiving are customized and personalized. Our dedicated staff has decades of experience helping others recover from substance abuse.Our mission here is to help you find the path to lasting recovery that works for you and your loved ones. We understand that sobriety is not an overnight transformation. We also understand that it cannot be an individual effort. So, our rehab programs prioritize a client-centered approach as well as seek support from family and friends too.

Our center has a variety of amenities that are meant to keep you comfortable while you stay with us to get clean. You will rediscover your purpose here as you work with our medical and psychiatric professionals. They will help you overcome your addiction problems and take control of your life once again.

  • Residential Treatment
  • Detox


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