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Boston Adult & Teen Challenge is a long term treatment program that provides a faith-based alternative. We provide the structure and love for our residents that allows them to leave their past behind. With this, they can discover what it means to live a life of purpose. The disciplines we teach provide the foundation of personal accountability that enables our residents to take ownership of their lives. As residents progress through their program and begin to embody these core principles, they earn the trust and freedom to demonstrate and develop their character

Our adult long-term program (both men and women) is twelve to fifteen months long. For those who may need an extra touch, we offer a six-month restoration program. Our adolescent girl’s program is three to five months long. For more information on this program please visit Bloom: A Place for Girls. Our outpatient program is provided and administered by Massachusetts TC Clinical Group. Outpatient services have no set duration.

  • Residential Treatment


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