About A Vision For You Help Center

A Vision for You is a non profit, Faith based program that provides chemical dependency counseling for any individual experiencing setbacks in their well deserved life. A Vision for You HC specializes in Outpatient Counseling for alcohol and drugs with the spiritual component to give the client a healthier chance for success in Recovery. We provide Life Recovery coaching to help lead the client to better understand what life is like in Recovery, and we offer healthier spiritual tools to cope with life in recovery.

We offer relapse prevention, so they can experience Recovery in confidence without having to struggle with everyday stress that life brings. Addiction is a family illness, so we build on integrating the family in our sessions to help build a stronger support system for the client.
A 90 day outpatient program is essential for a client to succeed in Recovery, however we continue to build on being there through the recovery process for the client after the 90 days.

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