About 3rd Day Treatment Center, LLC

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is a complicated and often devastating problem in people’s lives. Our team will assist you with treatments and tools to bring peace and stability to your life.

3rd Day Treatment Center is one of Texas’s most reputed substance abuse treatment centers. With experienced staff, we are here to provide you or your loved one with the best treatment. It is understandable how badly addiction affects people and their families. We aim to help you achieve a happy life and do this wholeheartedly. 

3rd Day Treatment Center, LLC offers dual diagnosis and intervention for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Other options for addiction treatment include intensive outpatient therapy, which helps those suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs receive the appropriate treatment they need.

Every person deserves care and support to overcome substance abuse and addiction issues. Therefore, every client receives an extensive and individual assessment and treatment program tailored to their specific requirements. This is the same for every program and service we offer. 

If you’re looking for an affordable rehab facility for addiction in Texas, enrolling in addiction treatment with 3rd Day Treatment Center, LLC is the ideal choice. 3rd Day Treatment Center, LLC typically accepts addicts of all ages who are struggling to join their addiction rehabilitation programs.

Our mission is to aid all females and males who suffer from the indirect and direct adverse effects of drugs and alcohol misuse, abuse, and dependence. By implementing the best approach, we aim to help everyone master the ability to make positive and healthier decisions. 


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