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October 6, 2021

Episode Description

Cardiologist Dr. Christy Huff and Physician Assistant Nicole Lamberson tell how they both survived Xanax and are healing from years of a severe, debilitating protracted withdrawal syndrome.

One was prescribed Xanax for insomnia and the other for work-related stress. Despite taking their medication as prescribed, they developed worsening rebound anxiety, crippling side effects, tolerance and inter-dose withdrawal.

It took Dr. Huff years to wean off benzodiazepines and Nicole was rapidly withdrawn in a detox facility.

In the process, both became completely incapacitated and no longer able to function or work.

These medical professionals experienced first-hand the medical community’s total lack of awareness around benzodiazepine physical dependence and severe, protracted withdrawal.

We discuss the harmful effects of long term benzodiazepine prescriptions and offer guidance and compassion to people wanting to taper their medication safely and effectively. Dr. Huff weighs in on the recently updated Black Box Warning for benzodiazepines and shares her thoughts on what’s missing. While enduring a long healing process, both dedicate their time and energy to promoting awareness and education about the harms of benzodiazepines and the need for long, slow, patient-led tapers.

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