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Self-acceptance and mindfulness in managing emotional distress

September 29, 2023
Episode Description
In this episode of Cracking Addition, Dr. Ferghal Armstrong and Dr. Laura J. Petracek discuss the important topic of managing emotional distress through reality acceptance and mindfulness skills. They delve into the concept of reality acceptance and explain how it involves accepting the situation for what it is, which ultimately causes less suffering. They also stress the importance of being responsive rather than reactive, and the space between event and response where a choice can be made. Furthermore, they highlight the significance of mindfulness and meditation in helping to build the pause button and respond instead of reacting. Through their discussion, they emphasise how reality acceptance can help people cope with adversity and lessen their suffering. They caution against beating oneself up and hating oneself into acceptance, as this can lead to depression and feeling stuck.

Dr Armstrong shares some interesting quotes from literature and pop culture that suggest anxiety is a necessary part of life. Dr. Petracek encourages Dr. Armstrong to practice reality acceptance skills as a way of retraining the brain. They share personal examples of reality acceptance and being present in the current moment.

This episode provides valuable insights into how to manage emotional distress through reality acceptance and mindfulness skills. Don’t miss out on this informative and thought-provoking discussion.

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