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Eric Protein Moseley – Former Addict – Advocate and Filmmaker for the Homeless

October 6, 2021

Episode Description

Eric Protein Moseley, is a social impact documentary filmmaker/homeless advocate, director, author and business man who grew up in Detroit Michigan, dropped out of school, became addicted to drugs and other things, and used his shortcoming to become a motivation for those who don’t have the inspiration to continue on with their dream, no matter what the circumstances. Moseley has been recognized as becoming the first to educate the homeless about The Coronavirus and turned it into a popular documentary called The Homeless Coronavirus Outreach which has made an impact in different regions of the world. A Father and daughter team up to educate the homeless about The Coronavirus. To their understanding, 5 out of 10 homeless we unaware of covid-19 Skid Row Journey Productions is the production company of Eric Moseley The company is named after a documentary and the experience of Eric Protein Moseley. In 1993, Eric Protein Moseley and his daughter Erica experienced homelessness all across the country (including on skid row) Those ordeals which allowed for him to see firsthand what it was like living on the streets of Los Angeles. After producing his first underground film Skid Row Journey, Moseley was allowed to surface by being involved in a homeless film titled Down but Not Out which aired on several PBS stations across the country and on other stations around the world. Moseley was also involved with other documentaries for which gained national attention and are in world distribution.

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