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Early sobriety, anxiety, anger, and Negative thoughts

February 28, 2024

Episode Description

Automatic negative thoughts in early sobriety can spiral you down with anger, anxiety, resentment, and a myriad of other emotions aimed at your past self and potentially anyone you decide to blame for your lot in life. I get it. Traumatic things happen, you re-live them in your head, and they grow and grow into trauma that is rooted so deep into your psyche and persona it feels you will never pull them out.

Let’s get to the bottom of what kinds of automatic negative thoughts are blitzkrieging your emotions and prefrontal cortex so you can start, right now, today, changing the way you talk to yourself.

Just hit play, and let’s dive in with our open minds, hearts, and energies, bringing everyone into the fold – you are in the right place, at the right time…right now.

It is time. It has been time. To live is to shine. Step into the SUN.

Stand up, step forward, raise your hand – it’s your turn, head the call!

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