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Bree – A loving daughter

October 6, 2021

Episode Description

Bree tells the story of growing up with a mother whose drug use ultimately led to a fatal overdose. She describes the emotional range and complexity of a loving relationship affected and tragically shortened by addiction, but not necessarily defined by it. This episode contains references to domestic violence and drug use that some listeners may find distressing. 24/7 help for AOD users is provided by Directline at 1800 888 236, and for their loved ones by Family Drug Help at 1300 660 068.

Straight From the Source presents the real-life stories of people affected by alcohol and other drugs.

The show is brought to you by the Association of Participating Service Users (APSU), which is a service of the Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC). APSU is a Victorian consumer body that believes the voices of people with lived experience of AOD issues should be heard and incorporated into service design and delivery.

The views expressed in this podcast are not necessarily the views of APSU or SHARC. Names and identifying details may have been changed for privacy reasons. Music is by dbh. There’s plenty more of it here. And there’ll be more from us, once a month.

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