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Power that Restores Sanity in Addiction Recovery

October 2, 2023

Episode Description:

Welcome to “Cracking Addiction.” In this episode, Dr. Fergal Armstrong and Dr. Laura Petracek dive into the second step of the twelve-step program: “Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves can restore us to sanity.” They explore the meaning of each element of this step and provide valuable insights on attending meetings, belief in a higher power, and the restoration of sanity in recovery. Join them as they discuss the importance of accountability and the misconception of just stopping drinking without addressing the necessary changes for lasting recovery.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Understand the concept of “came to believe” in the context of recovery, which includes attending meetings, waking up to the need for change, and developing a belief in a power greater than oneself.

2. Explore the idea of a higher power beyond traditional religious connotations, emphasizing the importance of accountability and support from others in the recovery journey.

3. Recognize the limitations of simply abstaining from alcohol without engaging in the complete process of personal growth and transformation.

4. Reframe the notion of “restoration of sanity” to focus on soundness of mind and personal well-being, rather than perpetuating stigma around mental health issues.

Actionable Takeaways:

1. Engage actively in your recovery journey by attending meetings and actively participating in the process, rather than just showing up without commitment.

2. Embrace the idea of a higher power or accountability beyond yourself, whether it’s through a group, sponsor, or personal belief system.

3. Recognize that simply abstaining from alcohol is just the first step, and be willing to delve into the deeper aspects of personal change and growth outlined in the twelve-step program.

4. Challenge the traditional understanding of sanity by reframing it as a state of soundness of mind and overall well-being, allowing for a more inclusive and compassionate perspective on mental health.


“The steps don’t work you, you have to work the steps.” – Dr. Laura Petracek

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