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Adam Vibe Gunton – Former Addict – Author – Entrepreneur – Helping Others Tell Their Stories

October 6, 2021

Episode Description

After overcoming homelessness, and drug addiction, Adam Vibe Gunton became passionate about sharing the hope of recovery with those suffering similar experiences. With only two years of recovery, Adam had built a 7-figure business, began public speaking, and launched his now #1 Bestselling book: From Chains to Saved. For the year following that launch, Adam founded Recovered on Purpose and helped multiple other addicts/alcoholics in recovery (and one mother who lost her son to the disease) to write, publish and promote their stories into bestselling books. Adam’s mission is to continue to be the example of what is possible for those who recover from this disease while inspiring them to live passionate, purpose-filled lives that help others recover and deter future generations from going down the path of addiction.

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