About Springfield Wellness Center

Springfield Wellness Center provides our patients with a peaceful and compassionate environment in which to recover. Our facility offers world-class mental health treatment in an accessible yet secluded treatment center. Using evidence-based treatments along with the latest in holistic therapies, you can find peace of mind at Springfield Wellness Center. We Are a Licensed Mental Health Clinic Providing Traditional Psychotherapy and Nutritional Intravenous BR+NAD™ Detox Treatment in a Safe and Caring Environment.

We have treated more than 1000 patients with intravenous BR+NAD™ — for conditions that include chemical dependency, PTSD, chronic stress, depression and anxiety, chronic pain, “chemo-brain,” CTE, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. Our professional and caring staff will support you through every step of your journey, helping you break free of addiction, stress-related illnesses, and neurodegenerative diseases and reclaim your life. At our BR+NAD drug and alcohol detox center, you get the tools and treatments you need to break your addiction.

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