About New Horizons Medical

Striving to aid in the opioid epidemic, New Horizons Medical is determined to be a segway to recovery. It is our mission to provide unparalleled high quality, comprehensive, and compassionate treatment that reflects the core values of respect, responsiveness, and individuality to those suffering from Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders.
The essentiality of devoted and dedicated individuals is, in our belief, a key stepping stone to a brighter future. We are driven by the desire to help, as well as motivate, the people in our society who need it the most.

Each and every patient is treated as an individual with distinctive requirements to achieve and maintain health and stability. We believe in patient-focused care with the combination of comprehensive and medically assisted treatment, counseling, patient education, hard work and commitment to sobriety offers the best possible opportunity for faster and effective recovery from addiction.

  • Medical Assisted Treatment