About Cooke Recovery Centers

Cooke Recovery Center is a highly personalized spa and integrative wellness center, offering the full spectrum of both alternative and traditional therapies in a soothing environment. Through stress management guidance, nutrition planning, and other holistic therapies, we empower people to live healthier, more radiant lives. Our talented team of experts is comprised of dedicated treatment professionals specializing in many different fields of traditional and alternative therapy. We encourage and emphasize the importance of involvement in the 12 steps of AA/NA, which we provide guidance on for involvement and participating.

We offer everyone equal access to a soothing, healing environment, uncompromising privacy standards, comprehensive and individualized treatment plans, and a multitude of life-changing resources. Relax and eliminate stress with professional massages and counseling services, developed to target the anxieties built up by life and career transitions. We provide therapy for individuals and groups, evaluations, professional and personal development coaching, health and wellness guidance, and other alternative therapies.

  • Detox
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