About 310 Recovery

At 310 Recovery, we believe in spiritual, social, and hands-on life, so we help our clients figure out who they are and where they belong in the world. We make a treatment plan for each person that is made just for them. Our team of therapists, counsellors, and case managers will make a plan to help you reach your goals once they know more about you and your needs.

310 Recovery helps people get and stay sober by giving them treatment that is intense, interesting, and life-changing. Our goal is to make a place where psychotherapy and social model treatment can both work.

We also want to be aware of and work with how the person’s family works at home. Our goal is to help you make your life easier to handle. We stress the importance of setting aside time, slowing down, and starting to work on a program that fits your needs without taking on too much at once. You will be able to find people to help you right away and lay the groundwork for giving your life more structure.

The Joint Commission has given 310 Recovery its seal of approval, and most private insurance plans are accepted. This Residential treatment takes place at the Hauser House in the middle of Los Angeles. The home is friendly and gives people the structure and community they need to get better for good. The rooms are bright and airy, have modern decor, and have a high-quality kitchen and outdoor setting.

We offer the following services at our top-rated drug and alcohol treatment center in Los Angeles, California:

  1. Salt water therapy
  2. Breathwork therapy
  3. Cognitive behavioral therapy
  4. Solution-focused therapy
  5. Dialectical behavioral therapy
  6. Family therapy
  7. Jungian therapy
  8. Psychodynamic therapy
  9. Spirituality
  10. Trauma-informed therapy