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The State of California’s Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs has given La Ventana Treatment Programs its certificate of approval. Many people in recovery have to deal with more than one problem at a time. Often, they have to deal with depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, self-harming behaviors, or mood disorders.

At La Ventana Treatment Programs-Ventura, clients work with a clinical team that specializes in these problems, as well as complex trauma and challenges that are unique to each client.

Our treatment team is made up of doctors who specialize in addiction, psychiatrists, licensed therapists, certified drug and alcohol addiction counselors, and master’s-level clinicians who are trained in trauma. Our specialists work together to make sure that both physical and emotional healing is taking place.

Our clients feel healthy and hopeful as they move through the recovery process because we give them support, educational materials, and new ways to cope. Our program is also helpful for people who need help for a long time and would like to keep getting treatment and support to help them get better.


Our full treatment programs give our clients everything they need to live healthy, happy lives. We believe that treatment plans should be made for each person, with a focus on long-term recovery. We do this by using the most modern forms of treatment that are available.


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