About Yellowstone Recovery Center

We think everyone should have a chance to live a healthy, drug-free life. So, we offer care that is affordable, effective, and kind, and we put each person’s needs first. Yellowstone Recovery is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so it can offer a full range of care while keeping costs low. Our all-around approach helps clients succeed at every stage of recovery, from detox to sober living.

We think that people should be able to get effective treatment for drug abuse without having to pay crazy amounts of money. At Yellowstone Recovery, cheap doesn’t mean rushed or half-hearted. Instead, we take a thorough approach to treating addiction, walking people through every step of the process, from detox to long-term outpatient care.

Yellowstone Recovery’s drug rehabs and sober living homes in Orange County offer a safe, supportive environment where people can work on the physical, mental, and social parts of their addiction.

Through a series of activities and experiences, our clients can change the way their minds work through our experiential therapy. The idea is simple: when clients act out how they feel, they are better able to deal with bad feelings and bad things that happened in the past. People in our drug and alcohol rehab programs can take part in role-playing and reenactment activities so they can work through their problems in a safe and fun way.


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