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It is essential to consider location when choosing the right recovery program for drug and alcohol addiction. When someone needs assistance and is mainly to get treatment for alcoholism and addiction, it’s an important decision that can alter their life to the best of their abilities. The involvement of family and friends will ensure that the outcome is positive. To accommodate everyone who requires treatment, the Right Step offers an extensive network of treatment centers easily accessible throughout Texas.

The Right Step Houston Central provides a wide range of professional services within the residential environment. Our treatment programs cover everything, be it inpatient rehabilitation or intensive outpatient treatment, including aftercare. Our staff is committed to helping clients overcome addiction. If you do not require residential care, our intensive outpatient treatment program (IOP) offers a structured and supportive environment that is conducive to recovery. Our IOP offers a crucial alternative to treatment for those who have completed their inpatient alcohol and rehabilitation for addiction. Clients can benefit from therapies that complement our fundamental belief in 12-step principles.

Our Houston team includes some experts who are essential to your recovery. They include certified psychiatrists with board certification, licensed nurse clinicians, and other addiction specialists. In addition, we have counsellors skilled in specific therapies like dialectical behavioural therapy and other treatments that treat addiction. You’ll have one-on-one sessions with a psychiatrist and take part in various traditional therapy sessions, including cognitive behaviour therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, and many more. Our variety of treatment programs will provide you with the most appropriate option for your needs and lifestyle.


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