About Sonora Behavioral Health

Sonora Behavioral Health is a 140-bed acute inpatient psychiatric hospital that opened in 1994. It helps people who are trying to get better from mental health problems and drug or alcohol addiction. Sonora Behavioral Health is the best place for children and adults in Tucson, Arizona to get treatment for addiction and mental health issues while living there.

Sonora has grown in size and number of programs to meet the needs of people in Pima County and Southern Arizona. They now offer services for children, teens, and adults. Sonora Behavioral Health is always close to coming up with new services that address current trends in mental health and drug use.

Our wide range of programs can help children aged 5 to 11, teens aged 12 to 17, and adults in crisis. As part of the Achievements in Clinical Excellence facility measurement, Optum has named us a Platinum inpatient provider of mental health services.

Sonora also has flexible outpatient programs for adults called Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). Both programs were made for people who need more therapy than regular outpatient psychiatric services can provide.


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